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Will customers please check their booking slot time has been crossed off AFTER they have booked and that the payment HAS gone through (you should receive a paypal confirmation)  We have some issues with payments not being taken. If this happens your payment can be sent via paypal to the email address  –  – which will then confirm your slot rather than just reserve it. Sorry – a temporary glitch! Alternatively text /ring Jo on 07980 301808 for help.

Thank You.

A BOOKING SLOT STARTS FROM DOGS BEING UNLOADED FROM THEIR VEHICLE UNTIL RE-LOADING, NOT TIME SPENT IN THE FIELD. Customers must keep dogs in vehicles at all times other than during their booking slot. This avoids issues with nervous or anti-social dogs.

Loading and unloading MUST be done in Baffles car park not on the driveway or grass verges please.

Please collect  ALL your dog poop and place in the bin. Baffles field has CCTV and anyone seen not picking up after their dog will be prevented from making any future bookings.

Please don’t tip the sand pit over. It stops others from using it and most dogs love digging in it.

Any problems with booking please ring Jo on 07980 301808.

I hope your dogs thoroughly enjoy galavanting in my field.

Best Wishes

Baffle the Naughty Patterdale


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